Incest English


What should I do if I am a victim of incest?
First, know that this is not your fault! No one deserves to be abused.
Get some help. You do not have to handle this on your own!
• Tell a trusted adult.
◦ If you can’t talk to a parent, can you talk to…?
▪ A teacher?
▪ A school counselor?
▪ A friend’s parent?
▪ Your doctor?
▪ Your minister (or pastor, priest, rabbi, imam, etc.)?
• If you do not have any trusted adults in your life, you can call CUASVAHH at (888) 735 3536 we are her to help!
If you are in the US you can call Child Protective Services (CPS) for your area. (Even if you are over 18, CPS may still be able to offer assistance.)
◦ If you don’t know how to do that you can call us at (888) 735 3536 to find the number for CPS in your area. ◦ You can also find the number for Child Protective Services in the Blue Pages of your phone book.
◦ Your local police department can also help you contact CPS.
• Be prepared. Not every adult, even trusted adults, are able to help. You may need to tell more than one person before you find someone who can help.
• If you need some help thinking through these options, call CUASVAHH 1.888.735.3536 Remember that no one deserves to be abused! Help is available. Remember! all our communications are confidential